Bring the transformative power of mindfulness to your workplace

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) delivered a series of Masterclasses in 2017/18 to address Mindfulness in the Workplace.  We teachers were able to access the most relevant information and support from  eminent leaders in this field, Prof Willem Kuyken, Chris Tamdjidi, Michael Chaskalson, Rachel Lilly, Michael West to name but a few.  The Certificate “Readiness to Teach in the Workplace” is reassurance to businesses large and small that Gloucestershire Mindfulness will be able to deliver a gold standard approach to many sectors. The landmark 2015 All Party Parliamentary Group Mindful Nation UK report suggested that mindfulness in workplaces can improve organisational culture, resilience and staff well-being.

By noticing and responding to stressors both personally and professionally in a compassionate way, is key to the benefits of the entire workforce from front line staff, through management, to the level of CEO, leadership roles and the ethos of the business as a whole. However, Workplace Mindfulness Training should not be seen as ‘getting fixed’ maybe more of an opportunity to step out of ‘auto-pilot’ and become curious about using the attitudes of mindfulness.

Through discussion and assessment of the company’s needs, Mindfulness may initiate greater awareness and deeper understanding of the workplace conditions, learning through bespoke programmes that there is unfolding evidence supporting the value of this approach.

If you are interested in this area and would like to know more before committing to a programme, please contact Lynsey for further details of costings for consultancy work, groups, 121, leadership and management training.