One-to-one Counselling Sessions

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For some, Group-work and Courses are not always the ideal way to approach problems and it maybe that several sessions of One to One Counselling (Psychotherapy) would be helpful.  It is always comforting to know that someone is really listening, not judging and helping to unravel the muddled mind in a supportive confidential manner.

Booking Your Appointment

Please contact Lynsey to talk about an initial assessment appointment, which is usually 1.5 hours followed by 1 hour sessions weekly; we will talk together at the assessment about how many sessions you may need, which maybe as few as 3 sessions to a maximum of 12 sessions, with monthly quarterly or annual reviews as required.

Every effort is made to ensure that you can be seen at a venue close to where you live including Cheltenham, Gloucester Tewkesbury, Cotswolds, Forest of Dean and Stroud.  Secure end to end encrypted video calls are also available.