What happened was….

Often I hear people say “I tried counselling and it didn’t work for me” not realising that there are many approaches to counselling, known as ‘models’ of counselling.  You may see that I have been trained in various models, including Mindfulness and Compassion; this is because building rapport with people and understanding their plight, in a safe environment is very important to me. However, right up to this very moment and in this era of openness, honesty and compassion, I find myself in a rather strange situation, that of My Bio and this, my first ever Blog! Apparently this is what is what is expected according to social media and those who endeavour to encourage and support me to develop a new set of skills to survive this new trend in business, which is somewhat uncomfortable to say the least! So, practicing what I preach, so to speak, Im bound to recognise that the way in which we move toward or move away from thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours is absolutely vital to our understanding of how we tick, moment by moment.

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Many years of counselling training has endorsed the foundational training of not overstepping the professional boundary of ones personal life into the workplace setting. Nevertheless, Im going to open Pandoras Box! If it is of any interest, having quietly struggled with dark thoughts and feelings from the age of 13, it has been a journey of ups and downs. Indeed there were many times when I was convinced I was bi polar.  Only my formal training and a remarkable moment of clarity when Stephen Fry admitted to the world in a tv documentary that he had battled with manic depression, did I settle down in my head, swiftly followed by the deep satisfaction of daily Mindfulness Meditation through practice, practice, practice.

So, you maybe thinking, “What happened?” “How did you fix it?” Well, using the comedian Jethro’s well used phrase, “What happened was…..” my future blogs will unfold in a rather clumsy, painful, perhaps for some, rather amusing illustration of how bumbling though life is possibly no different to anyone else’s ‘Rich Tapestry’ however, mine now is based in Core Mindfulness Practice.  In fact, it was only yesterday that my lovely ex sister-in-law, who I adore, laughingly said “you could write a book with all the things that have happened to you Lynsey!” Well, we’ll see about that one Sue!

Lynsey Wellington MBACP is a Qualified Mindfulness Coach and Teacher based in Gloucestershire. To contact Lynsey call 01452 760225, email Lynsey@cotswoldmindfulness.co.uk or visit www.gloucestershiremindfulness.co.uk.