MBSR Course Outline

Introduction:- Creating a safe space – Confidentiality/Boundaries

  1. What is Mindfulness? Waking up to Automatic Pilot

  2. Gathering the Scattered Mind – Coming to our Senses

  3. What is Stress? Bringing Awareness to Patterns of Reactivity to Stress

  4. Coping with Stress – Practicing Mindfulness to respond instead of React

  5. Mindfulness of Thought – Wherever you go, there you are

  6. Mindfulness of Emotions – Kindness warms our connections

  7. Cultivating Compassion – How kind can I be to myself

  8. A Mindful Life – Planning a new way of living

The cost of this course includes comprehensive handbook, meditation recordings that specifically accompany the course and training support (the certificate requires all 8 sessions to be completed) Booking and pre consultation required please contact Lynsey for further details as places are limited to 10

The MBSR is considered the Foundation Course for the Teacher Training Pathway for those wanting to enter into private practice and as a pre-requisite for school teachers wanting to train in the “.b”  Mindfulness in Schools programme.